ISDN Internet Access

ISDN Internet Access

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We provide ISDN Internet access. Our service uses standard protocols and is platform independent. It works with Linux, Windows, MacOS, and many other platforms.

ISDN Access Rates

US Dollars Month 3 Months
Manual Pay $40 $108
Auto Pay $32 $96

Includes Shell

Normal 56k dial, ISDN, UUCP, and DSL accounts also include a shell account which provides all the host services such as E-mail, News, and Web Hosting under our domain as part of the service package. A shell account may be purchased independently if you get Internet access elsewhere.

Usage Limits

Accounts are limited to 300 hours per channel (two channels) total usage per month. Session limits vary between 2 hours and 8 hours depending upon the network used. The idle timeout varies between 10 and 15 minutes depending upon the network.

ISDN Speed Issues

A ISDN line has two 64Kb/s B channels and a 16Kb/s D channel. The D channel is used to communicate with the telephone company for call setup, tear down, etc. The 64Kb/s B channels carry user data.

An optimal ISDN connection consists of two 64Kb/s B channels bonded to provide a 128Kb/s data path. The majority of our lines are capable of dual channel operation but a few are not. Also, modem pools consist of multiple communications servers. In order for bonding to occur, in most cases both channels must land on the same communications server. Although hunting is setup to try to make this happen, it can not be guaranteed. It may take multiple call attempts to land both channels on the same server and get a bonded 128Kb/s connection.

Although our equipment is capable of clear 64Kb/s channels, some telco facilities are not. So it is possible in some locations that you may only be able to get 56Kb/s per channel. In this case, two bonded channels will provide a 112Kb/s data path.

If a voice call comes to your line or you originate a voice call, most ISDN terminal adapters (modems) will tear down one data channel to service the voice call and you will be limited to 64Kb/s data transfers for the duration of the voice call.

We offer a free two-week trial so that you can see how our service will perform for you before you shell out any hard earned cash. Click here for access numbers.

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